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Research domains in Energy Informatics
Definition of 'Energy Informatics'
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, 'Informatics' means 'Information Science'; and 'information science' means 'the study of collecting, organizing, storing, and using electronic information'. A more detailed explanation regarding 'Information Science' and its research domain can be found on the Association for Information Science and Technology webpage
Therefore, 'Energy Informatics' can be defined as 'Information Science in Energy'.
Apparently, the research domain of Energy Informatics covers different types of energy (e.g. electricity, heating and cooling), and all segments of the energy value chain (e.g. generation, transmission, distribution, consumption and market).
Energy Informatics. Academy aims to provide a community-based platform to share knowledge of the Energy Informatics domain. The knowledge will be introduced by three main themes: electricity, heating & cooling, and sector coupling (also called 'energy system integration').
Some related glossary and definitions can be found here.
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Heating and cooling

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Sector coupling

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