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Summer School in Energy Informatics 2023 
4 - 5 Dece
mber 2023, Unicamp, São Paulo, Brazil 



The summer school in Energy Informatics 2023 aims to support doctoral and master students, and company employees in their competence development. In the summer school, domain experts will offer lectures and hands-on exercises with real cases and big data.

The main content of the 2023 summer school:

  • Energy4cast challenge 2023 data competition introduction

  • Feature Engineering & Data Processing

  • Model Tuning & Training

This year's summer school aligns with the data competition event: Energy4cast challenge 2023.


The two-day program on electricity load forecasting will provide an understanding of how effectively to use data processing and machine learning techniques to predict future demand. By the end of the course, a solid understanding of the key concepts and techniques needed to forecast electricity load effectively will have been acquired.

Please see the program page for the details of the two-day programs


The summer school is organized in cooperation with Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2023 (EI.A 2023) (6-8 December 2023). All participants at the summer school are automatically registered for EI.A 2023. 

Summer school committee

Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva, University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil

Zheng Ma, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Nicolai Bo VantingUniversity of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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