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Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2023 (EI.A 2023)
6-8 December 2023, Unicamp, CampinasBrazil 


The Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2023 (EI.A 2023) has collected great contributions from researchers and practitioners in various scientific, technological, engineering, and social fields to disseminate original research on the application of digital technology and information management theory and practice to facilitate the global transition towards sustainable and resilient energy systems.

This year, there were four Call-for-Paper Tracks, and beside the main track, the other special tracks were:

  • Digitalization of district heating and cooling collaborated with IEA (International Energy Agency) DHC (District Heating and Cooling) Annex TS4: Digitalisation of District Heating and Cooling

  • Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry collaborated with IEA (International Energy Agency) IETS (Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems) Annex Task XVIII: Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry

  • Data-Driven Smart Buildings collaborated with IEA (International Energy Agency) EBC (Energy in Buildings and Communities) Annex 81 - Data-Driven Smart Buildings


With the whole technical program committee’s effort, in total thirty-nine (39) high-quality papers (including full papers and short papers) and three (3) abstract papers are accepted and will be presented at the conference.

These 42 papers cover the following eight themes, elucidating the breadth and depth of research and development in the energy sector and its convergence with digital technologies:

  • AI Methods in Energy

  • Data-Driven Smart Buildings

  • Energy and Industry 4.0

  • Energy and Smart Cities

  • Energy Forecasting

  • Smart Electricity System

  • Smart Energy Device Management

  • Smart Heating and Cooling System


Each theme brings forward a wealth of knowledge and novel ideas that promise to shape the future trajectory of energy systems and their integration into digitalization. From exploring innovative technologies and methodologies to discussing practical challenges and future perspectives, the papers enrich the conference's discourse, offering attendees a comprehensive overview of the latest in the field. Consequently, the conference becomes a fertile ground for exchanging ideas, fostering collaborations, and catalyzing future advancements in the energy sector.

Furthermore, eight keynote speeches will provide deep insights and diverse perspectives into the evolving realm of energy and technology:

  • “Energy transition in Brazil”, by Prof. Dr. Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva, University of Campinas, Brazil

  • “Artificial Intelligence Applied in the Electricity Sector as a Strategic Investment Theme in the Research, Development and Innovation Program of ANEEL” by Mr. Lucas Dantas Xavier Ribeiro, Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, Brazil

  • “Explainable AI for energy and smart grids: from concepts to real-world applications”, by Prof. Dr. Zita A. Vale, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

  • “Hierarchies of Controllers for the Future Weather-Driven Smart Energy System”, by Prof. Dr. Henrik Madsen, Technical University of Denmark

  • “The importance of supervising energy consumption and production”, by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Stehling de Castro, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil

  • “Application of Data Analytics to Electrical Energy Systems”, by Prof. Dr. Walmir Freitas, University of Campinas, Brazil

  • “Energy & Digital Agroindustry”, by Dr. Barbara Teruel, University of Campinas, Brazil

  • “Energy Informatics Educational Design”, by Prof. Dr. Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


Each speaker, with their expertise in various facets of energy systems and technology, will enrich the dialogue, fostering a multi-dimensional discussion on the challenges, solutions, and future pathways in the energy sector. Engaging Q&A sessions will be followed the speeches, further elaborating on the pertinent themes and facilitating an exchange of ideas among the participants and speakers alike.

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