Energy Informatics Research for Electricity
The main Energy Informatics research for electricity can be divided into the following themes:
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Demand Side Management 

This usually includes all end-use sectors (households, commercial buildings, industries and transportation). General terms have been discussed popularly are, e.g.: demand response, prosumers, aggregation, Distributed Energy Resources, smart metering and building energy management system.

Utility Pole

Distribution Network and Microgrid

In general, the energy informatics research for the distribution network mainly relates to the consumption side. The general terms are, e.g.,  Building-to-Grid, EV-to-Grid, storage, microgrid, grid control.

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Electricity Markets

The main research has focused on, e.g. trading and biding, flexibility markets, peer-to-peer trading

Sustainable Energy

Generation and Transmission

the generation and transmission are not the main focus in the Energy Informatics domain compared to other themes. The general terms in this theme are, in general, renewable energy resources, large-scale battery.