EIA Asia 2021

1st Energy Informatics.Academy Conference Asia, Beijing China, 28-30 May 2021

Keynote Speakers in Industrial Forum

Speech topic:

Cybersecurity for the future power system

Prof. Ming Ni 倪明

NARI Technology Inc


Chief Expert of Power System Planning and Analysis in NARI Technology Inc, and Special Expert of State Grid Corporation of China. He is a professional engineer of State Ohio. His research interests are: power system security and stability analysis and control, power system planning, power market, cyber physical power system, etc.

Speech topic

Smart buildings and energy efficiency

Dr. Xiaoyu Zhao 赵晓宇

Tongfang Technovator International Limited Corporation


Vice Chief Engineer of Tongfang Technovator International (Beijing) Limited Corporation. She is a professional engineer and chief editor of the standards of building automation system and intelligent building systems. Her research interests are: automatic control of HVAC system, building automation system, building energy saving, etc.

Speech topic

Vehicle-to-grid and blockchain application

Dr. Ye Yang 杨烨

State Grid Electric Vehicle Charing Service Corporation 


Senior power system R&D Engineer of State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. His research interests include grid vehicle integration, renewable energy integration, smart grid control, and applying AI, block-chain technologies in power systems, etc.

Conference program
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