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EI.A Asia 2021

1st Energy Informatics.Academy Conference Asia, Beijing China, 29-30 May 2021

Submission requirement for the camera-ready papers 


The accepted papers must comply with the paper requirement:

  1. Max. 25 pages for the full paper (max. 7 pages for poster paper)

  2. Must be in Microsoft Word​​

  3. The paper structure must comply with the article type criteria for the journal- Energy Informatics (please click here for the details)

  4. Must use the EIA-Asia 2021 Word template (can be download below)

  5. The required DECLARATIONS sections must be included (please see the Word template for the details)

  6. Reference type need to comply with the requirement stated in the template

Word template for the full paper

Word template for the poster paper

Please note:

  1. Papers might be rejected if critical comments are not addressed, and especially the paper quality does not meet the Journal-Energy Informatics requirement.

  2. The camera-ready papers must be in Word format due to the formatting requirement by the Springer Open.

The papers are to be submitted directly to the EasyChair submission portal (click the link here)

Agreement and policies
The submission process of EI.A conference series follows the agreement and policies of SpringerOpen Journal- Energy Informatics.
Please read and agree to the following agreement and policies: 
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