Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022 (EI.A 2022)
19-22 October 2022, Physically in Vejle, Denmark & Globally online participation

Dandy business park 

Address: LYSHOLT ALLÉ 1-10 · 7100 VEJLE, Denmark      



About the city of Vejle
Vejle Municipality is situated in the Triangle Area of Denmark, which is characterized as an area with much potential and growth.

During the Industrial Revolution, Vejle was known as the "Manchester of Denmark" due to its extensive textile mills. Later on, newer industries took root in Vejle. The city is home to one of the largest chewing gum factories in the world, producing Stimorol brand chewing gum. The Tulip slaughterhouses were also an important employer in the city. Today, Tulip has closed its factory at the harbour, but still maintains production in northern Vejle.

Today, Vejle's economy is shifting out of the industrial sector and into the high-tech sector, with a number of software companies operating out of the city.

Vejle is part of the global network of 100 Resilient Cities. In this network, cities all over the world have collectively committed to developing and sharing new solutions to the great climate and societal challenges of the 21st century.